Saturday, 19 September 2009


I am watching a movie now call reign over me staring Adam Sadler, it has been a quite thought provoking film plus has brought and touch on something which will result in the theme of this post and something that happens to us one way or another 'Loneliness'

Now men are the worst at talking bout it. And I must admit I'm one of them, maybe its the male ego thing, maybe its the way society has subconsciously taught us, that its not OK for men to admit there feelings; that they should have it alltogether or something.

I'm going to try now to be brave and be honest in this post; I can't speak for all men. But for me its the simply fact of bearing my soul out to people and showing them my vulnerability, showing them that I have a lack and that if they see it; well they might not like it, or maybe its that I don't like it; yep I do confuse my self too' but I think you get the picture.

Loneliness can come in many forms. The worst for me so far is when you have many friends, and you seem to be a very busy and a active person, however when you in the mist of the crowd you just seem alone. What a oxymoron and yes I feel like a moron too at times. But yes I know what if one does not have friends? well I talk about that later.

However I am thinking why on earth I'm I lonely? why on earth I'm I feelings the things I feel? I then took a very hard look into my myself and I came to a conclusion its about connection, I hear you say WHAT?

Think about it; two people who are connected in love or get on so well with each other, tend not to feel lonely do they? with this theory in mind I will write my next paragraph: )

I think people loneliness heightens when they can't connect to people on a consistent level, or worst they just don't connect to anyone. A very simple analogy of this is have you ever been to a city or country by yourself that does not speak your language. You feel alone right!

Anyway when I'm talking about being alone when you're in a crowd , what I mean is there isn't anyone you really can connect with that meets your need....

I know its true with me, as I get older I seems to be yearning more for people that I can really connect with, that I can really get to know and they get to know me, that they not just being fickle.

5 solutions to be better connected with people.

1) Love your self and know yourself in the right way

2) Be interested in people

3) Be patient

4) spend time with people

5) remember people really are all the same they want to be connected, they all really want to talk; having this is in mind will increase your chances of finding people that you can connect on a special level.

Will expand on this more on my next post.