Saturday, 5 February 2011

Recovering from set backs

I realise life can throw us bigger punches after the tsunami but you just need to say Holy spirit give me strength to endure the pain and teach me to be humble and persevere in this after all this life is a nanno second to entrnity ....give me balls give me wisdom and more than anything to ability to put into action what you have tought me!

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Ted Williams Interview homeless man to CBS


Here is a very inspiring video of a recent homeless man called Ted Williams with a God given voice.

Life will tend to hit us hard from time to time whether that's from our mistakes or from life's unfortunate misfortune however what this video has reminded me is to appreciate life especially when its tough and you find yourself going through that time in your life where it all sucks.

What truly shines in Ted Williams the man with a God given voice. . is he comes across humbled, grateful and shows a wonderful attitude to life, faith and his mum.

let me know your thought and my word all I can say is Ted Williams what a voice you reminds me of the 1980's action films advertisements : )

Thursday, 10 June 2010

You ever have one of those sleepless nights

I'm really tired , but I can't sleep , why hmm I'm going to google it lol

Ok can't find anything useful apart from someone saying that I might have lots of things on my mind..

I probable do but seriously can't think of any at the mo ha ha

anyway what's on my mind at the moment is ..... gratefulness, humility and God

I guess getting closer to 30 I could pap myself thinking of the things I should of done or haven't done , things that I regret , people that I hurt or the people I should have built relationships with, thoughts of I should be further with my life than I am etc ..however although I do have those thoughts..I realise right now I am just humble and grateful for still a wonderful life, a exciting one.and if I'm honest a blessed one..where I can still make a difference to other people even if its just a smile or making them laugh : )

yes there times where I wish I could be a super rock star, a husband, a father, a billionaire, someone important, someone with better looks, more skill, more brains......a fountain of lady's chasing after me and men wanting be me lol ....

But seriously when the people are gone and i have no-one to talk to, and I feel alone and there that ache in the soul ...l I realise I have God know what he reminds me of the things I been through the past 4 years my previous years were not bad but its the past four years I think I learnt a lot ..its the past four years I met alot of people, built alot of friendships , and most importantly got to know myself better ... got to know God deeper, and what he really means to me..

but I can seriously say i actually like myself more as i am more honest with myself, people and God... I'm not perfect by a long short ....I get many things wrong still....i mean just check my spelling lol but God really does give me the grace and strength I need to continue..regardless of all my weaknesses he gives me opportunities to inspire and connect with many others.

now I know people say don't live with regrets ..but hey I do at times ..thats just me being honest i;m not saying its right to have regrets or not just there time I wish I didn't do some things in the past like treating people badly , treating myself bad etc ... but I do know that I do learn from it and I am so grateful I realise to be better, more kinder, patient, more understanding..

anyway I better conclude cos I'm actually feeling sleepy

life is a gift its bloody fantastic ..getting closer to 30 im not slowing down but gonna work smarter, work harder, play harder, manage myself better so I can give more, and hey face those mountains that we all have ...there just so many more people to meet relationships to have, and many more smiles and exciting things to come.

look people life is not about destinations its about the journey its about how well you do the journey there times where you fall , you have to pick your self up , there times where you succeed; be grateful and humble, and there times where its just a drag, keep persevering and be positive..

we can't do this journey alone I tried it doesn't work, we made to do it with others..

we all on the same journey ..we just at different points ..we can choose to condition ourself and help others on the way and enjoy it but it is a Choice!

I'm going to chose life!

anyway must sleep 2moz another day to cherish and have..........go out a grab it...

Monday, 28 September 2009

Would You Like Some Friends and Keep Them?

I’m not going to convince you in how important it is to have friends, but more how to find and keep good friends.

The question is why?Simple… good friends leads to a good life, good friends lead to good character and just like a good partner leads to a good life and good character; yes its seems simple but so are most of life questions like why do I not have friends? could it be you haven’t invested enough time in to making friends?)

Remember what you sow you will reap and what you want to reap you simple need to invest; its a universal law.....its in the bible man!I love my friends I have some very close friends too that friendships have lasted over 15 years (btw I’m 28 so don’t think 15 years is a small number its more than half my life ), I will explained this in my next post called the FIVE LEVEL OF FRIENDSHIPS.

Would You Like Some Friends? here some tips

1) Be friendly, be nice , be lovable (they all the same to me )

2) don’t be selfish realise a friendship is about adding value to someone hence I value my friends statement, and what better way than investing time with your friends, have a pint , watch a movie , go fishing lol : )
3) VERY IMPORTANT ...Don’t suck the living energy out of people or you soon you realise people will not text ya back or return your calls...remember to give......And don’t be needy if you don’t know what that means email me and I will write it on a blog or something. Here are 3 sub areas where you are in danger of sucking the living life force out of someone...

3a Forcing an expectation

3b Thinking why they didn’t do something for you

3c Complaining and being negative majority of the timeRemember people want to be with fun loving people that increase their lives; now there is a time and place where friends will be more than happy to listen to problems and more than want to help but if its 80% negativity and 20% fun and loving..Those odds aren’t good. However if its 20% man I want to vent out or something and then 80% fun and love ..You can guess...people would want to be around the latter.

4) Don’t be stingy if you are its a sure way to repel people in a nano second

5) Be positive "There something about positive people they very attractive"Also be selective about who you choose to be close friends with; remember pick your friends wisely as they will be you circular of influence, you are normally a reflection of your closest friends, so think wisely of who you want to become , and if you want to be patient kind and rich then hang around with people who are patient , kind and rich or at very least have a strong desire to head that way.
For further articles on friendships check out the "how to find new christian friends" link below

Saturday, 19 September 2009


I am watching a movie now call reign over me staring Adam Sadler, it has been a quite thought provoking film plus has brought and touch on something which will result in the theme of this post and something that happens to us one way or another 'Loneliness'

Now men are the worst at talking bout it. And I must admit I'm one of them, maybe its the male ego thing, maybe its the way society has subconsciously taught us, that its not OK for men to admit there feelings; that they should have it alltogether or something.

I'm going to try now to be brave and be honest in this post; I can't speak for all men. But for me its the simply fact of bearing my soul out to people and showing them my vulnerability, showing them that I have a lack and that if they see it; well they might not like it, or maybe its that I don't like it; yep I do confuse my self too' but I think you get the picture.

Loneliness can come in many forms. The worst for me so far is when you have many friends, and you seem to be a very busy and a active person, however when you in the mist of the crowd you just seem alone. What a oxymoron and yes I feel like a moron too at times. But yes I know what if one does not have friends? well I talk about that later.

However I am thinking why on earth I'm I lonely? why on earth I'm I feelings the things I feel? I then took a very hard look into my myself and I came to a conclusion its about connection, I hear you say WHAT?

Think about it; two people who are connected in love or get on so well with each other, tend not to feel lonely do they? with this theory in mind I will write my next paragraph: )

I think people loneliness heightens when they can't connect to people on a consistent level, or worst they just don't connect to anyone. A very simple analogy of this is have you ever been to a city or country by yourself that does not speak your language. You feel alone right!

Anyway when I'm talking about being alone when you're in a crowd , what I mean is there isn't anyone you really can connect with that meets your need....

I know its true with me, as I get older I seems to be yearning more for people that I can really connect with, that I can really get to know and they get to know me, that they not just being fickle.

5 solutions to be better connected with people.

1) Love your self and know yourself in the right way

2) Be interested in people

3) Be patient

4) spend time with people

5) remember people really are all the same they want to be connected, they all really want to talk; having this is in mind will increase your chances of finding people that you can connect on a special level.

Will expand on this more on my next post.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Get cheap contacts


Ok this has got nothing to do with sex or faith or even electric guitars but it does help with you in doing all 3 and with saving some money especially through these hard times.

I'm a high user of contact lenses and I wear toric lenses as I have asitgmatism and if you go to some of the high street optician you will find they allot more expensive than normal ones.

for example if you just want normal contact lenses you can get them from £10 to £13 a month however toric contact lenses depending on you presercription and mine is very high and very weird one too..the optician says I have a very rugby ball eye shape ..whatever than means lol...anyway they charging me like £27 amonth I thought yakes I can get a Iphone line rental for that ..

anyway good news is there lots of cheap contacts lenses companies online check the folloing article to read how to choose a reputable online contact lenses company.


I saved up to 65% percent using online contact lenses company like the link below and they were identical to my original opticians ones instead of spending £27, it worked out like £10 a month as I payed for a 6 months batch.

Just make sure you have a up to date presription ...anyway check the site and read the discount contact buying tips online link above some research maybe you find something cheaper than me.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stop Giving Advice!

A Tip To Help Your Relationships

As I get older and of course, healthier and sexier lol, I realize there are a few things that can help people with relationships, in what ever kind of relationship it is whether that's , friends, best friends, boyfriend , girl friend, husband , wife....... I'm sure you you get the picture ...

Anyway while this post is going to be a irony in it self ...i'm going to give you something to think about....something of advice ....

OK here I go..

People don't necessary need your advice but they need you to be there for them.....A quote from something I read today put it into perspective

"Most of the time people don't need our wise analysis or brilliant answers, they just need our love and support and they'll find their own answers"

Could the above statement suggest something that all of us need to consider next time when we hear a love one or friend going on a rampage or getting upset or even worst both. To stop what is natural for all of us to do in those circumstances and that is give our view, our advice, our do's and dont's to them...

Instead maybe we should just accept them, understand them, take them to Mcdonalds for a Ice cream and cry, or go for a long drive with them......

I mean honest with yourself when people give you advice how many times did their advice really sink in your hearts, however the people that have made the deepest impact in your life how many times have they just accepted you for you ..and that in the long run this made you think about things more clearly and made you turn around.

People are funny little things .... a majority are not logical , they not coherent ..they just Humans, full of emotions, and feelings, and just need to be accepted and valued!

bless ya ...hope you all have a wonderful day