Monday, 28 September 2009

Would You Like Some Friends and Keep Them?

I’m not going to convince you in how important it is to have friends, but more how to find and keep good friends.

The question is why?Simple… good friends leads to a good life, good friends lead to good character and just like a good partner leads to a good life and good character; yes its seems simple but so are most of life questions like why do I not have friends? could it be you haven’t invested enough time in to making friends?)

Remember what you sow you will reap and what you want to reap you simple need to invest; its a universal law.....its in the bible man!I love my friends I have some very close friends too that friendships have lasted over 15 years (btw I’m 28 so don’t think 15 years is a small number its more than half my life ), I will explained this in my next post called the FIVE LEVEL OF FRIENDSHIPS.

Would You Like Some Friends? here some tips

1) Be friendly, be nice , be lovable (they all the same to me )

2) don’t be selfish realise a friendship is about adding value to someone hence I value my friends statement, and what better way than investing time with your friends, have a pint , watch a movie , go fishing lol : )
3) VERY IMPORTANT ...Don’t suck the living energy out of people or you soon you realise people will not text ya back or return your calls...remember to give......And don’t be needy if you don’t know what that means email me and I will write it on a blog or something. Here are 3 sub areas where you are in danger of sucking the living life force out of someone...

3a Forcing an expectation

3b Thinking why they didn’t do something for you

3c Complaining and being negative majority of the timeRemember people want to be with fun loving people that increase their lives; now there is a time and place where friends will be more than happy to listen to problems and more than want to help but if its 80% negativity and 20% fun and loving..Those odds aren’t good. However if its 20% man I want to vent out or something and then 80% fun and love ..You can guess...people would want to be around the latter.

4) Don’t be stingy if you are its a sure way to repel people in a nano second

5) Be positive "There something about positive people they very attractive"Also be selective about who you choose to be close friends with; remember pick your friends wisely as they will be you circular of influence, you are normally a reflection of your closest friends, so think wisely of who you want to become , and if you want to be patient kind and rich then hang around with people who are patient , kind and rich or at very least have a strong desire to head that way.
For further articles on friendships check out the "how to find new christian friends" link below

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