Saturday, 2 August 2008

Stop Giving Advice!

A Tip To Help Your Relationships

As I get older and of course, healthier and sexier lol, I realize there are a few things that can help people with relationships, in what ever kind of relationship it is whether that's , friends, best friends, boyfriend , girl friend, husband , wife....... I'm sure you you get the picture ...

Anyway while this post is going to be a irony in it self ...i'm going to give you something to think about....something of advice ....

OK here I go..

People don't necessary need your advice but they need you to be there for them.....A quote from something I read today put it into perspective

"Most of the time people don't need our wise analysis or brilliant answers, they just need our love and support and they'll find their own answers"

Could the above statement suggest something that all of us need to consider next time when we hear a love one or friend going on a rampage or getting upset or even worst both. To stop what is natural for all of us to do in those circumstances and that is give our view, our advice, our do's and dont's to them...

Instead maybe we should just accept them, understand them, take them to Mcdonalds for a Ice cream and cry, or go for a long drive with them......

I mean honest with yourself when people give you advice how many times did their advice really sink in your hearts, however the people that have made the deepest impact in your life how many times have they just accepted you for you ..and that in the long run this made you think about things more clearly and made you turn around.

People are funny little things .... a majority are not logical , they not coherent ..they just Humans, full of emotions, and feelings, and just need to be accepted and valued!

bless ya ...hope you all have a wonderful day


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