Thursday, 31 July 2008


The book "DRAWING NEAR" by John Bevere simply talks about how God totally , totally is just so in love with us and He simple wants to draw near to us all, and have an awesome relationship with us. God intention is to have an awesome intimate and meaningful relationship, that would simply blow our minds away.

I heard many times in my childhood that God is love , and God wants a deep relationship with me, but the question I kept asking myself is HOW? I mean I prayed, I believe, I read the bible, I went to Church, but why couldn’t I feel that I was close to God and how come I felt God was like a millions miles away and He is this super entity that only comes when I am good or shall I say when i am religious, hmmm.
I can see some people thinking "what is Matty on about like! but you see my view on God even as a Christian in my teens and early adult year was screwed and distorted, that didn’t mean I wasn’t a Christian just God knew I had lots to learn, hey that’s what the heart, soul & brain is for right!

But hey as they say "keep on seeking and ye shall find" and this book “Drawing Near” totally brought revelation and understanding of the fact that if I draw near to God He will draw near to me, that’s because God always 247 wants to be so close and intimate with us and that the only force stopping him becoming close to me is ME!.

That revelation just grab me by my throat. Its I who determine how close I want to be with God As God already determine how close He wants me, that’s why he died on the cross for me, so I can never be separated from him because He wants me bad , He wants me with passion.

Anyway skip a few thoughts now. Two sections that totally blew me away was the bit about fearing God , that to be close we must fear God not saying " we scared out of our wits" because this great God could send us to hell or wipe our little butts from the face of the earth etc but fear in the sense of the most highest RESPECT EVER, imagine your Dad or Mum x 5000 times.

I notice as I get older I give allot of respect to them Hence I wont do certain things like back chatting etc, anyway it might not be the greatest example but I think yaas get the picture.

The 2nd thing that blew me away was the section about the Holy spirit and being baptise in the spirit and speaking tongues etc, many people just don’t get the tongues things and I must admit I didn’t either before this but all I can say is God does want all his Children to speak in “Tongues” as it totally builds and edifies each one of us, as John Bevere says in the book
“when speaking prophecies one builds the church up, but when one speaks in tongues we build our inner man“
Anyway what I'm simply saying is just get the book and read it because its LIFE CHANGING STUFF!!!

Okay its late I need to sleep got work early but people be bless because God LOVES YOU, HE came down to earth to sacrifice and then raise up again to give us life to the full, and remember remain in him and he will remain in you, He will bless you with a SUPER AWESOME LIFE & WHERE EVER YOU ARE NOW, GOD CAN TAKE YOU HIGHER AND FURTHER BEYOND ANY DREAMS YOU HAVE!.

Love God, Love life , Love people and live with PASSION! Widgets

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